Cup of France Finals

This Saturday are taking place the finals of the Cup of France opposing the best women and men teams at each competition level departmental, regional and national) with the digital scoring table of Vision Sport.
Join us on Dailymotion to see the different matches in live from the Accord Hôtels Arena, Paris:
- 10 am: women’s deparmental final between the HBC Lucq de Béarn and Douvres Handball;
- 12 am: men’s departmental final between the Handball Club Grabellois and the Levallois Sporting Club Handball;
- 2 pm: women’s regional final between the CHB Auneau Meursault and the Etoile Sportive Colombienne Handball;
- 4 pm: men’s regional final between the Handball Club de Teyran and the Rueil Athletic Club.

For the national finals, we give you an appointment at the Accord Hôtels Arena, Paris, where the Vision Sport team will liven the widescreen:
- 6:15 pm: women’s final between Metz Handball and Issy Paris Hand ;
- 8:30 pm: men’s final between the Montpellier Handball and the HBC Nantes.

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