Creation and adaptation of informatics tools

To date, we have developed a number of software tools for statistics, scoring tables or media broadcast on LED screens. Let us know your needs.

Statistics software

The founders of Vision Sport created in 1997 a statistics software dedicated to Handball named HANDVISION upon request of the French Federation of Handball after the Olympic Games of Atlanta.

This multilingual software became a crucial tool for handball meetings management and takes care several aspects of the meeting:
• Statistics: Full coverage of technical needs;
• Media: multicast statistics, commentators screens management, editing, webcasting;
• Organizers: match sheets, timer and scoring table;
• TV: broadcast of statistics and timer for TV inlay, statistics teleprompter.

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Scoring tables software for team sports

The organizers of International Handball meetings expressed the need for a timing system allowing the diffusion of the chronometer and score in the hall. Our solution is compatible with existing video screens (Bercy - Paris, Kindarena) or can be adapted to the removable screens of various sizes present in temporary structures (XXL Nantes, Cherbourg,...). Our system is interfaced with broadcasters systems (Canal +, Eurosport, Sport +,...).

The software developed by Vision Sport team can respond to new needs such as diffusion of the sanctions to the sidelines through screens. Each screen is customizable and can use the customer’s graphic design.

In partnership with the LNH (Franch National League of Handball), the team Vision Sport has developed a comprehensive scoring table early 2016, including a table that is 1m05 tall – avoiding thus the use of a cumbersome and bulky platform – and scalable from 3m40 to 5m long depending on needs. On the software side, we have further improved our scoring software with a touch interface. In addition to the screens placed on both sides of the table so that the penalties imposed are visible from the bench and on which are also recalled the score and the clock, it is possible to display the score and the clock on a additional LED screen placed in front of the table. Besides the score and timer, this extra screen can allow the display of vital information for gamers as the time remaining before the end of the warm up or before the end of half time or can also display advertisements of your sponsors. In addition, upon timeout requests and at the end of each half, while the buzzer sounds, we have added LED ramps behind the goals that start flashing. This light signal could be, in the next future, an asset to the video referee in the decision to validate or not a goal. Our system is of course still interfaced with broadcasters systems.

This comprehensive scoring table was used for the first time at the Final4 of the League Cup at the Park & Suites Arena, Montpellier. We let the LNH tell you more about this table (translated from French) :

A digital scoring table, LNH innovates

This weekend, at the Final4 of the League Cup, the LNH has innovated by offering for the first time a digital scoring table to the spectators of the Park & Suites Arena.

A world first

This weekend, at the Final4 of the League Cup, viewers of the Park & Suites Arena took advantage of unprecedented innovation, the digital scoring table. Designed by Armand Steiger from Vision Sport , in partnership with the LNH, this scoring table meets a demand of modernization and digitalization oh this tool.
An additional display of both time and score

An LED screen, arranged in front of the scoring table, displays the time and score in real time. A new opportunity for the public to enjoy even more the show. Eventually, additional informations such as scorers or the time remaining on the two-minute exclusions could be exhibited on this additional screen.

A dynamic display of exclusions for teams

With a screen on each side of the table facing the bench, each team can have prompt access to its temporary exclusions, and those of his opponent. They can also see there the playing time and score. This screen makes things much easier than when the score is only present on a giant screen in the ceiling.

A cage that lights up at the buzzer

Last innovation, the LEDs that are arranged behind the goal, and light up when the time is stopped, in order to provide additional information for referees. On this Final4, this technology has been tested, and could be used eventually for goals scored at the buzzer.

A solution for clubs

Also note that this tool helps centralizing and diffusing the information flow throughout the arena, via giant screens and/or TV screens in the press area or in the VIP lounges. "The aim is to provide a financially reasonable solution to the clubs, to provide technical services able to offer a high quality of offerings to both spectators and partners," says Christophe Janot, director of LNH development. In this context, Sport Vision has developed a "furniture" easily removable and transportable, which, with its height of 1m05 does not oblige clubs to install a platform for its scoring table, and thus offers a space saving not negligible.

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Broadcast tools for photo and video diffusion on LED screens

Drawing of lots software for tennis

The organizers of the WTA Tennis tournament were willing to liven the drawing of lots of the meetings. The Vision Sport team developed a software aimed at being both informative and promotional to animate the draw on widescreens. After each draw a player name, it was possible to display either the presentation of the player or his opponent’s for next turn and also to diffuse part of or all the meetings table. This broadcast is made possible by the development of a simplified and interactive dashboard.

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